how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals

Sustaining your Motivation for Long Periods of Time

Some of your goals may be achieved at intervals many months et al. can take years. Some life goals would possibly even take decades. Throughout all of that, you’re getting to have to be compelled to preserve and keep happening your goal for long periods of your time, and years might not appear to be an extended time currently, but when you are attempting to figure towards a goal daily, the days, weeks and months stretch out there and appear long. That’s why you’re going to need a technique to assist you keep impelled over the long run, and the perfect thanks to do this is with bite-sized goals.

Before we have a tendency to start on it, you ought to remember of one thing. Many people once they square measure setting goals and attempting to urge impelled set unrealistic goals. that’s getting to be a large downside for your motivation because you’ll recognize within that you just can’t attain the goal, or a minimum of, in
the time assigned.

For example, if you’re attempting to lose 100 pounds, setting a goal to achieve that in a very month is completely impractical. nobody will lose twenty five pounds per week, in spite of what quite a diet they’re on, and though by some fluke, someone lost that a lot of, there’s no method it may be sustainable. to not mention the actual fact that it might be very unhealthy.

This is conjointly true of different goals that you just may be considering. If you are trying to become severally rich, you ought to in all probability offer yourself more than six months to urge there, unless in fact, you propose on victimisation the lottery as your technique for achieving that goal. smart luck thereupon.

If your goal is to be a pop star, you aren’t getting to get there next week or maybe next year if your pitch is dangerous. you’ll have to be compelled to follow and take lessons and lots of different things on the road to high status.

Bite-sized Goals:

In order to realize your goals while not losing motivation, you’re aiming to need to break them up into bite-sized items. have you ever detected the recent adage; however does one eat associate degree elephant? One bite at a time in fact. That’s the whole purpose here. If you think that regarding all the steps concerned in obtaining you to your goal and the way long it’ll fancy arrive there, you may in all probability get pretty discouraged. however after you break a goal all the way down to bite-sized, you are able to essentially simply place one foot ahead of the opposite without concern too much regarding the destination. So, however is that done?

The first issue you wish to try and do is have the arrange from chapter 5 already completed. Since you recognize the main steps concerned in achieving your goal, you’ll currently break that step down into bite-sized segments. Let’s take the burden loss goal that we’ve been victimisation throughout this whole chapter.

You have a weight loss goal section that says to lose twenty five pounds. That might take 2 months, 3 months or maybe longer. in spite of what your period of your time is, that’s your goal section – your purpose from achieving one milestone to achieving following. Now, if you needed to interrupt this specific weight loss goal down, you could create it simple: Lose a pair of pounds per week, for a complete of 12-13 weeks to achieve this goal.

However, you don’t have to be compelled to bonk weekly if you’d prefer to not. Instead, you’ll merely break the goal down into 5 equal segments of 5 pounds. This is essentially however bite-sized goals work and no matter goal you’re setting, you’ll perpetually break it down more and provides yourself a way smaller, additional manageable and ultimately additional doable goal.

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